Monday, January 11, 2010

Did the killers survive ?

On the 30th of December 2009, the Economist carried an article on the displaced Tamils in Srilanka titled ' Eking a living from handouts'. It talks about how the displaced Tamils in Vavuniya sell their rations - donated by the EU and UN - to make a living. What an injustice ? Is this the way a Government treats its citizens ?

Forget them being in a neighbouring country , forget them being Tamils , forget them being human beings - is this the way to treat fellow living creatures ?

And between the former King and his former General, now the country's citizens will need to elect a new 'King'. The Tamil vote matters for both ... The Tamil diaspora wants the Tamils to abstain, the TNA favours the former General ....

The sacrificial lamb brought for the festival
ate up the green leaf brought for the decorations
Not knowing a thing about the kill,
it wants only to fill its belly:
born that day, to die that day.

But tell me:
did the killers survive,
O lord of the meeting rivers?
- Basavanna

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