Friday, September 23, 2016

Her path and her wrath

A river never forgets her path.
And yes she hadn’t
She flowed with all her grace, spreading wide,
Bursting sparkling bubbles and rolling little pebbles,
Playfully with a smile
Now she flowed clear and strong, for many miles
In all her glory

And on her banks stood the bewildered lot
Young men and women,
Wandering midst the dug up ruins
Wondering why they had gone – their very own kinds,
Men – the homo sapien
All gone without a trace
Leaving just rubble and ruins
Stones, bricks, cement, concrete and sand
Tonnes of them and tonnes of them
These were cities said one
Planned and unplanned.
And yet why did they all go ? Where did they go ?
What was their tale and who will ever tell ?

As she moved , she cast a glance on them
Wanting to tell
How they had raped her to her bone
Day and night and night and day
Their men – their very one species
Mercilessly undressing her of all her sand
Marauding armies coming in trucks - twenty tonnes each and plenty of them
Digging her, draining her
Building buildings and building cities,
More and more and more and more

She had given them life
She had given them love – food, water and shelter
For need – not for greed – not for this much greed.
Drunk with cash, she mattered no more.
The lonely few who spoke,
Were hushed down with some cash or for ever, with a crash
The senseless ones wouldn’t ever stop
Even when they had to, they hadn’t yet stopped
Nothing was left, No water nor sand
They scrapped her still and soon for sure, there was no food nor life
Her banks were doomed and had begun to die.

And when they thought she was all but dead,
She came back one day
For she hadn’t forgotten her path,
She came wild, furious, wide
Rumbling and roaring
Crashing and crushing
Nothing could stop her, Nothing could slow her,
Tumbling down buildings, turning over trucks
Drawing in her rapists , drowning them in the muck  
Sucking up all their stash,
All her sand and all their cash
No greed mattered now , nor did any need
For when she flowed now
She flowed to wipe out.
She flowed and flowed for years at length
In all her fury 
Cleaning them all off, leaving little trace.

An aeon had gone and her fury had gone

She wasn’t Ponni now 
She was'nt Cauvery now,
Bewitched by her beauty, they had given her a new name
Bursting sparkling bubbles and rolling little pebbles
Doing what she loved – giving them life
Water food and love.

And then one day, there stood on her banks this bewildered lot
Young men and women, who had forgotten their past
And when they poked and they turned
Sifting through the dug up rubble
On a small rock it was hasty scribble
In an old odd script they finally managed to read
And it said   
‘Never ever invoke a river’s wrath’