Saturday, November 16, 2013

David Cameron's visit to Jaffna. A significant step

The displaced Lankan Tamils have clearly understood that there is no point in expecting sensible assistance of any kind from the political parties in the land less than a 100 km from their land, with whom they share a common language, a common culture and even familial ties....These fellows in Tamilnadu have never shown consistency ....or to put it otherwise, they have been very consistent in exploiting the sorrow of the Lankan Tamils for their political purposes. Some of us in this state are so noble that we think it is an internal affair of  Srilanka. 

Nor can the Tamils expect support from the Indian Central government - and people who control it's levers . They have other personal, political, regional and commercial interests (euphemistically called strategic interests) in playing ball with the current Lankan regime. There are several reports of Indian military, intelligence and logistic assistance to the Lankan army during the last stages of the war - which saw thousands of unarmed Tamils getting killed. Rajapaksa , told The Week , immediately after the end of the war  "By eliminating the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) militarily, I have fought India's war." He then said "Nothing is more important for me than what India thinks, I thank Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh), Congress president Sonia Gandhi and the Indian people for the support to Sri Lanka during the war." So we know why Mr Singh will never exert any pressure on the current regime ...irrespective of what the local parties in TN do , or whatever resolutions the assembly passes. And when Ms Sushma Swaraj was there, she had a perfect meeting with Rajapakse and spoke his script , even if the regime changes here , it will make no difference. 

No wonder the Tamils have been far more effective in getting their message across to the Canadians and the British. They must have spent quite a bit of effort and money in buying a lot of the trophy videos that the Lankan army personnel shot during the last stages of the war, and through Channel 4, 
effectively canvassed public and political opinion to pressurize the Lankan government. The 
Canadian boycott and Cameron's visit to Jaffna are hence significant achievements for these Tamils ....and hopefully will be a significant step in hauling the current  Lankan regime for human rights violations. History shows that consistent efforts at international fora particularly the UN , to get justice for human rights violations have resulted in regime changes and resulted in displaced communities getting political and social rights. As mere mortals in this unfair system, we can just hope that the Lankan Tamils succeed in getting justice and a fair chance to live an equal life in Lanka.