Friday, January 1, 2010


Not long back we had this fine art ...called conversation. Many a time long , insightful and very very enriching. Long enough for thoughts to flow freely ...without too much of prior preparation. ( a good friend of mine - now with the Administrative services would remove all watches and push into the cupboard when we talked .... we did not want time to intervene )...

And it was not that we were not busy those days. It is just that we found time for people - time to think aloud, share and grow.

It is communication these days - not conversations. We are content assimilating information from inanimate sources and processing it and save ourselves the trouble of thinking. We are content with messaging and save ourselves the trouble of pondering over how it is taken and responded to.

Communication devices seem to determine what and how much we communicate - or shall I say message ? And if folks are in front of the TV, the only time they can spare to communicate not converse is when there is a commercial break ( wonder if the marketing guys ever understand this - but that is besides the point ) ....and cant help feeling that we seem to value phone calls and short messages more than physical presence.

Wonder if we are losing this fine art of conversation.

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