Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Men for sale !!

A friend of mine told me yesterday that his 'Goal' in life was to make money. I asked him what he proposed to do with the money - for money is ultimately a tool. There is no fun (to be more precise, there is no meaning ) in being a tool gatherer all of one's life. It has to be put to use. Money is like a hammer - nobody in his right mind keeps on collecting hammers. And what does one do with a hammer , when instead of a nail, one has a screw on hand ? Because one had not taken an effort to see what one needs and - in this case, to get a screw driver, what one does, is what most carpenters in India do. Use the hammer and hammer in the screw !! .

Coming back to the point, after giving me an unconvincing story (he was not convinced !) of how he wants to earn money to plan for his 'comfortable life' , for a proper ' retirement' and on more prodding from me for 'educating kids who cannot afford education' etc, he told me that he needs to build a corpus to pay as dowry in case he has a girl child !. Wow !

25 years from now - a few generations away, somebody plans to give dowry. I wonder if there are still people of my gender, who have inspite of being vertebrates (having spines) biologically, act as invertebrates - and allow themselves to be sold. I am equally shocked that women (or their parents) look at buying men as husbands for their men. I dont see the point in parents willing to marry off their girls to men who cannot even take care of themselves and their girls.

Wonder when men will stop walking around with a 'For sale' board dangling in their necks.

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